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How We Sell Homes Differently

How We Sell Homes Differently

Selling luxury homes means thinking differently. Here’s how we do it.

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Selling luxury homes requires a sophisticated marketing strategy and technology, not just a sign in the yard and nice pictures. We’re currently in a market where only one out of every three and a half houses in the million-dollar price range and over go under contract, whereas 100% of the properties we’ve marketed have sold, two of which were previously listed with another real estate agent.

What do we do differently? Just to name a few things:

  • HDR photography
  • 4K video walk-throughs with aerial footage
  • 3D interactive walk-through virtual tours
  • Strategically placed social media campaigns designed to get thousands of eyes on your home
  • Zillow Premier Agent access with 120+ five-star reviews
  • Walk-through and 3D tours on Zillow for increased exposure
  • Google bomb marketing with platforms on the top national real estate websites
  • A little bit of magic SEO (search engine optimization) sprinkled in

Strategic pricing is crucial so you don’t miss the market. It’s the equivalent of either chasing a ball down a hill or being way out in front of it; you’ll never catch the ball running downhill. That’s what happens to houses that don’t sell. It’s about being in front of the market. The risk is chasing the ball downhill as the home gets shopworn and then overlooked.

Strategic pricing is crucial so you don’t miss the market.

We’ve been able to get results because we recognize the necessity of strategic positioning in the marketplace. The market is the message; I’m just the messenger. We take pride in having updated market data for our clients so they can make fast, wise decisions to achieve their goals. A sophisticated strategy coupled with advanced technology and our proven system isn’t an option, it’s essential in today’s ultra-competitive market.

Contact us via phone or email today to explore your options or if you have any questions about real estate. We would love to help you.

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