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Avoid Move-In Shock!

Avoid Move-In Shock!

When you are looking for a professional partner to help you find your dream home, or sell your current, home, be sure to turn to the top team in the Lafayette area. We serve the entire Acadiana area, providing outstanding service to all our clients. Robbie Breaux & Team are dedicated to helping you every step of the way in your real estate journey. Our team of real estate agents knows how to get things done in a fast and efficient way and, judging from our high-level of referrals and return clients, in addition to the satisfaction of our clients. We like to educate our clients, as well as well as perform all the normal real estate duties. This week we are going to focus on move-in move-out etiquette.

Avoid Move-In Shock!

Once you’ve sold your home, secured a new one and are counting down the days until the moving van pulls to kick start your next adventure, you will have some time to think about some frequently overlooked details. One of these is what you can and can’t take with you when you move.

Would You Believe?

A friend of mine recently moved to Europe and bought a home. She was shocked when she moved in to find that every light fixture, light bulb, curtain rod and even tulip bulbs and decorative plants had been removed! In addition to having to sit in the dark until she went out and bought new lights, she had to figure out how to install lights on a different electrical system before she could even think about the garden.

Important Stipulations

It’s important to think about these things as early as possible and let your realtor know as soon as you come to a decision. Examples of these might be curtains, bar stools, or a refrigerator. However, things that are attached to the home, such as the window blinds are considered to be part of the house and should not be removed. If it’s important to you that an item remain with the home, you will need to negotiate this upfront in the offer.

Move-Out Cleanliness Standards

While technically a home has to be just broom-clean to comply with the law, it is customary to give the home a deep clean upon moving out. There are numerous, highly rated cleaning services in the area that can clean your home for the new owners. If you find your new home needs a deep clean to your personal standards, you can hire one of these cleaning firms to do a pre-move-in clean too. If there are bigger issues that you notice when you tour the home, such as a dirty carpet, you can stipulate these as a condition of the purchase. Standards of cleanliness extend to the garage and the yard as well, make sure to mow the grass and clean up the flower beds.

Go the Extra Mile

When you know that the new owner is going to be moving in- in a few days, and the electricity will be left on (just transferred from name to name), it’s a lovely gesture to leave a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator and some flowers on the counter to welcome them to their new home. It’s also nice to make them a copy of your list of contact information for the local utilities and any service recommendations you have to share.
Robbie Breaux & Team are the ones to call when you are looking for the best real estate team to work with when you are looking to either sell or buy a house in the Lafayette area. Our team serves the entire Acadiana area with the professional real estate services, always going the extra mile for our clients. Call us today to get started!

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