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House Hunting Is A Lot Like Dating 1 Of 2

House Hunting is a lot Like Dating 1 of 2

If you are in the process of either looking for a new house or have yours on the market, the feelings you are experiencing might seem familiar to you. Have you had these highs and lows and rushes of excitement before, but can’t put your finger on where and when? We think we know. We think that the phases of house hunting and selling your home are reminiscent of dating. Maybe it’s been awhile since you were on the market, so let us walk you through how being on the housing market is an awful lot like dating. We are Robbie Breaux & Team, Acadiana’s best real estate team in Lafayette, and we can take the struggle out of house hunting—in fact, you can think of us as your matchmaker!

The Parties Involved

In our scenario, the house and the buyer are like two people dating. They are both looking for their match, that special person/house, that will fulfill the needs they’ve identified. The seller is looking for a person who comes qualified with the right assets, who is ready to commit and to whom they feel comfortable handing over the keys to their home. The buyer is looking for a place to call home that meets their needs, meets their aesthetic standards, and offers the opportunity for a growing family.

First Impressions

The Buyer

  • Online dating is the way people meet these days, and it can be swiping left on a lot of frogs before you think you find a prince and swipe right. With houses, you have online search engines, and even with sophisticated filters, you still might come across a few homes that you know right away are not for you.
  • You might be able to find an actual matchmaker when it comes to people, but such a person is easy to find when it comes to real estate—just call Bobbie Breaux, and we’ll get to work finding a home that meets your requirements.
  • If you have ever gone out on a date with someone who you met online, you know that seeing all the photos in the world is not enough, you have to see them face to face. You have to see if you have the ever-elusive chemistry.
  • Sometimes just seeing the other person walk up to the restaurant where you’ve agreed to meet is enough. They are either the one (well, at least worth getting to know) or you know right off that no, they just are not your cup of tea.
  • When it comes to real estate, the photos can give you an impression, but until you drive up and evaluate the curb appeal, you won’t know if it’s somewhere you’d like to come home to everyday.
  • You’ll need to walk up to the front door and wander around the house to see how it’s laid out, what the views are, and what opportunities for recreation are on the property.

The Seller

  • On the other side of the equation is the seller. When you are getting ready for a date, you want to make a great first impression. You do you hair, and makeup if you are a woman, and choose your clothes carefully to give the best idea of who you are a woman, and choose your clothes carefully to give the best idea of who you are.
  • When you are selling your house, you get it ready for the market; you give the outside a little facelift with some paint. You arrange the furniture to show off the flow of the space, and you clear out the clutter so a potential buyer can envision their things in the house. You do all you can to show the house in its the best light.

To learn more about how dating is like house hunting, check back for our next blog. In the meantime, if you want to work with the best real estate team in Lafayette, call Robbie Breaux & Team. We serve the entire Acadiana area and help both buyers and sellers reach their goals.

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